What is Agneepath Scheme: Agnipath Recruitment Protest

In this post I’m gonna share you information about Agneepath, that what is Agneepath scheme, why Agneepath?, why are people angry with this? Is this wrong or right?.

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How to join the armed forces?

If someone wants to join the armed forces then there are two ways to do that first ispermanent commission and secondary short service commission (SSC).

Permanent Commission

People of different ages are needed in each wing of the army. Young people are needed in some wings so there as services for 40 years. Some wings requires up to 50 years. So in this manner each search we has a different age.

If you go to the permanent commission, so you have to work till the decided age of the wing in which you go. After you retire and after that you will get ex-serviceman benefits like pension, gratuity, etc.

Short service commission

On other hand, If you are selected for the short service commission you have to work there for 10 years. In some cases it gets extended to 14 years. After that you will get retired but not get pension.

So this is all about permanent and short service commission, which we divided best on the benefits and retirement.

There are also two levels on which rank you will go in the armed forces. First you enter on officer rank such as lieutenant, and the second entry is a soldier. After this you are promoted based on your experience and expertise.

In a new policy along with the permanent commission and short service commission one more thing has been added which is Agneepath.

So before we discuss What is Agneepath? Understand one thing. As I told you, there is an entry into the army force at 2 levels. One in the rank of officer and other in the rank of Soldier.

So the officer rank recruitment will be done as it used to be. There will be no change in that.

This discussion will run on the soldier level. The Agneepath scheme is for the recruitment of soldiers. Agneepath scheme has nothing to do with officer rank entry. It will continue to run as it did before.

In this, some people feel that the way the recruitment used to go on earlier, it will continue to run as it is. Simultaneously another scheme has come called Agneepath, so it is not like that at all.

Read an article in Indian express mentioned below. It is clearly mentioned in it that it is not optional. Now if someone talks entry at the soldier level, so he will get entry in only one way which is Agneepath. I am not talking about officer level.

Dheeraj Patidar

Before we discuss, why Agneepath?, why are people angry with this?Is this wrong or right?. Let’s discuss what is Agneepath scheme?

Whose age is between 17.5 to 21 years and is 10th or 12th pass can apply in the Agneepath Scheme.

The recruitment process of Agneepath Scheme is same which was done before like physical and medical exam everything will be the same in the recruitment process.

There is no opening for females currently but it has been said that the opening will be open for females as well.

Recruitment will be started after 60-70 days from today. In which 46,000 soldiers will be recruited and they will get more salary than the earlier salary.

This salary that was given before this was 21,700 for the first 4 years. But the salary of the application will increase every. The salary will be 30000 in the first year, 33000 in the second year, 36,500 in third year, and 40,000 in fourth year.

Now when agniveers will get the in-hand salary, because 30% will be going to the agneeveer fund and government will also deposit the same amount in the Agneepath will fund, similar to PF. After that you will get 11,71,000 rs in the end, so that when you retire after 4 years from the army you have some money. let’s have a look below image for better u understanding:

Dheeraj Patidar

You can also take a loan of up to 18 lakhs against this fund. and you will also get insurance of 40 at legs until you are agneeveer or in the service.

You tenure will be of 4 years, after the 25% of will be taken into the army, and the remaining 75% will have to go home.

Skill based bachelor’s degree has also been arranged for these 4 years. In this, and MOU will be signed with IGNOU, army, Navy and Airforce, in which Agni Veer can enroll for bachelor’s degree. In the first year you will also get entry and exit options.

Skill based bachelor degree arrangement for this four years are as follows:

  • Certificate in the first year
  • Diploma in the 2nd year
  • A degree in the third year

50% marks will be for the technical and non technical skills you will earn, the remaining 50% will be from history political science and economics, which you can avail from University with a credit system. So there will be no problem with studies.

See, policy politics seems very nice. There are a lot of things seems very nice:

  • Money is more than before, we are getting a loan,
  • Recruitment was stopped for long ago,
  • Now 46000 vacancies have arrived,
  • On exit, an amount of 11 lakhs is also being received,
  • and those who are waiting for 2 years the age of 23 has been set for them. It doesn’t mean that criteria of 23 are also for everyone. The age of 2 years has been extended for the first batch only. The rest limit has been increased from 17.5 to 21 years.
  • And it is also said that you will be more disciplined, and will have more experience when you after living here, you will go to the society. So you will also get preferences in the job.
  • Police, CAPF, you will also get preferences in Assam rifles.
  • The government also announced that you will also get a 10% reservation.

Now you will say that everything is good as compared to before condition. Benefits are also available then why people protesting? Let me explain.

Why people protesting against Agneepath Scheme?

It is not as a simple as it looks. See reasons of people protests:

First thing medical benefits this soldier and his family used to get it, now they will not get it. Will not get pension. Will not get Gratuity. And 11 lakhs is a one time amount. If you compare it with medical and other benefits so it is very less.

The second thing is due to some reasons Agniveer’s life is lost, so the benefits you will get I am not the same as what a regular army soldiers gets. When a regular soldier is martyred, his family also gets lifetime benefits.

As we see the class difference between one and the other rest of government department. similar system has been introduced here as well.

In this whole situation it doesn’t seem that the army is being recruited. Looks like there will be a four year training program after that it will be decided what will happen in the life.

Earlier in villages, marriage was fixed as soon as the person got a job in the army. The soldier and his family members used to fill secure and settled, it wasn’t happen anymore. Now the girls father will also wait, let’s see whether the number comes in the first 25% or not.

You can take an SSC (short services commission) example, and compare it with Agneepath. But the long interval is given in SSC, 10 to 14 years are given and that too is not a fair scheme for Soldier. If it was fair, then there would not be so many cases going on in the court regarding pension.

the recruitment plan of government peon is must better than Agneeveers. If this scheme had come along with regular recruitment and in parallel, it would have been a very good gift for everyone but it is not so.

There was talk about this scheme for many months, and the policy makers knew very well the first question that will come, whether the scheme will run simultaneously with the earlier recruitments or separately? But this question was avoid in the intermediate briefing, it was not even mentioned.

While it was told one day ago that will get 10000 jokes in 18 months,so that people do not get confused about the Agneepath scheme another job opening. They have so much intelligence that they have already said this.

But ask their spokesperson hundred times that the old recruitment will continue as it is. Is Agneepath scheme has come in parallel. You won’t get a straight answer. Half of the people still think that these schemes is parallel and the old recruitment will continue as it is. But it is not like this.

There is recruitment rally in which physical test is very difficult. Village boys runs for 4 years for that recruitments. Work hard everyday. Just now a video had gone viral in which a boy working in McD was running in the night, was running for the same recruitment which is closed for since last 2 years. And after Agneepath that recruitment is only of 4 years.

People don’t work hard for four or five years just to stay in the army for four years. These 30 to 40 lakhs people are training day and night and waiting for the opening for 2 years, so that there will be recruited. It was a big surprise for them.

Think once about benefits of the Agneepath scheme, the government used to recruitment earlier, could have done it by changing something. And the matter of bringing youngsters into the discipline and getting employment, also be implement in the NCC and territorial army. But it was not done because there is a lot of stuff behind it. Let’s discuss them.

There are two reasons behind implementing all these things like this:

Expense of men’s power in defence

First is the expense of men’s power in defence. Oral budget of defence is 525000 crore (5.25 trillion) out of which 1,19,000 crore (1.1 trillion) goes to pension, and the same goes for the salary, and then food and other things. let’s have a look image mentioned below for better understanding.

Dheeraj Patidar

If someone now serves 40 years in the army,so after completion of service, he gets a pension of 40 years. Out of the defence budget, more than 3 lakh crores goes into these expenses. And weapon modernization, adding new weapons, implementing new technology, there is very little money left for all these things.

Let us understand this with an example.

Our army is much more in men power than US and Russia. We have more than 14 lakh manpower. But if there is a fight on today’s date. then we will be on the backfoot because they have better weapons and Technology.

Actually If the army has to move forward, the modernisation of weapons is very important. And this thing has been realise to us.

India has the same budget then how will the rest of the departments run? But there is a way. If main power is reduce then the cost will be reduced, and we can spend that money on weapons. Other countries are doing the same. They are reducing their man power, and spending more money on technology.

Average age of the army

The second average age of the army. Subramanyam committee that satt after the Kargil war. The same thing was said in that too average age of the army should be less. Because as far as a 22-23 year old Soldier will be able to climb the mountain, the 32 year old soldier will not be able to do this as fast.

So the ratio of the age should be one by one which means the age should be the combination of young and senior. currently the average age of the army is 32 year. The defence has been working on this for a long time, by reducing the average age of the army.

India is a young country here youth is more, so if the right policies implemented it can be easily achieve. Average age of the army and much expenditure on manpower, the solution of both things is the Agneepath scheme.

Every year about 60000 people retire from the army and every year different regiments have the same number of hires.

1,65,000 were recruited. 2017, 2018, and 2019, in this 3 years recruitment has since been closed. I am not saying this details myself, Shripad Nayak Ji has told this details in lok sabha.

Recruitment is closed from 2019 till today this means 1,65,000 should have joined by now, but haven’t joined. That means, there is a shortage of 65000 people in our armed forces. And hiring is closed for 2 years, that means the average age would have increased too. And when they are asked, why the recruitment was not done for 3 years?, or why did the hiding stop?. So they give the reason of covid, however election and rallies are not stopped, but if the soldier get gathered for recruitment it would be a problem.

Agneepath scheme has arrived. There was a shortage of 165000 people in the army. Shortage should be completed with advent of the Agneepath scheme, birthday suit teach will not be complete, but the army will be reduced.

Now you will understand how? 46000 recruitment has come in the Agneepath scheme. 25% of about 46000 it will be closed to 12000. Means that there will be around 12000 attrition to the army which was earlier 60000 every year, and now there will be 12000.

It is not that one who made this scheme doesn’t no this maths. he new very well but when the target is to reduce men power in the army so what’s the problem. By doing this less man power in 10 to 15 years more weapons, and an army without a pension will be built. 

If this has been done directly then there would have been a lot of trouble. Millionaires, Mps, and MLAs take life long pensions and some MP who become MLA leter, they take pension twice. If a scheme of this level has been made for them that would have been much better.

One more thing is that people of which particular age will remain unmarried? So the answer is 17.5 to 25 years of age people will remain unmarried. and after completing 4 years, there is no liability with this scheme of government. The other benefits like family and medical benefits will also reduce the cost. Support can be better than this for policymakers.

But according to the experts, the motive for the implementation of this by the government that is not perfect either. It cost around 80 to 90 lakhs to train a soldier. In general suppose 1 crore, so earlier when this amount was spend on a soldier, the soldier used to serve in the army for about 40 years.

Now Agni Veer training and exam will course to same amount. But you will be able to take service from them only for 4 years.so if you want to take 40 years of service then it will take you 10 agneeveer for that, who used to be one.

So if you see it is also a disadvantage. This scheme can still be better. all you have to do in this is that the soldier you have trend by investing so much money, instead of living them in the society after 4 years use them somewhere, like in CAPF, BSF, ITBP. No one will mind, everyone will welcome your decision. your motive will also be full field and people will also be happy.

It is not that there is a doubt about the intention of the government. It is not that government is doing any conspiracy. I am sure the government must have taken this decision very thoughtfully.

How to use a limited budget, the government would have stepped in the same direction. At least the government thought that there is a need for defence reforms with India. The rest of the government declared do anything about it, because of the displeasure of the people. At least these government has taken this step.

But you have to admit that there is an issue in the execution. That’s why people are asking so many questions. After 4 years, instead of you are leaving them in the society, use them somewhere. People will appreciate your efforts.

The pattern is that if you see a good scheme implement it immediately without a pilot project, it’s wrong. The fact is more discussion and thoughts are needed.

You are saying that this decision was taken very carefully by asking people, but if it were so then there shouldn’t be two times change within 4 to 5 days. Sometimes about age, sometimes about 10% reservation.

If you put a side the matter of the head of the Army, Navy and Air force, so after them you will notice that all the retired serving, major, and generals, Everyone is saying that improvement is needed.

Major general GD Bakshi ji, Major Gaurav Arya sir, this people have been supporting your policies throughout. but when you see there tweets, everyone is saying that improvement is needed.

And If you leave all of them too, general VK Singh, he was asked many times he said that, he was not involved at the time of making the policy. When he is so experience that he could come 1 to benefits on the go. But he didn’t come because even if a soldier may become leader, he understand very well the welfare and drawbacks of a Soldier.

Many people in the media are saying that 21 to 22 lakhs are being received within 4 years. What else do you want? And comparing this money with corporate jobs. comparing the army with the corporate job is very wrong.

A person joins the army with the patient by taking his life in the palm, he sets out to serve the country. This is not a joke.

Will you send your daughter brother and child for 20 to 22 lakhs to die from bullets? You will not send. when is soldier take his life in hand and go to serve the country. So old he needs is, for his family to be secured. His family should get benefits.

If he has to do a job in corporate after 4 years by learning programming, so he will take programming training from the beginning, Why would he do all this. After 4 years, if a young man has to see his settlement, then you cannot expect that level of motivation from him, that is a regular young man has.

Bonding is very important thing in the Army. In the fourth year, he will be considered his batch mate as a competition.

Puli trend combat ready soldiers to 7 to 8 years. By giving 4 years of training you will not be able to make run s400. I’ll do people will still feel out the form, they will also go to give the exam.

Everyone new this and that’s why he is scheme has launched, that there is so much probe with of jobs in india, there even if you do 2 years then also the form will be filled in lakhs. But it is not called giving a job it is cold taking advantage of compulsion.

You are saying that after 4 years, they will very discipline, the resume will be considered good. See all the people who have retired from SSC before, they didn’t get job.

When you see them around you they are working as a security guard in the bank or in a company.

You can also say compare to SSC, AgniVeer will be younger he will have more time to start their life again. See If discipline gets a job in the corporate world so after retirement SSC solder doesn’t have to stand as a security guards outside the banks.

We get jobs does don’t skill. If I assume 15% technical knowledge, even after that 80 to 85% which will come out after 4 years, they won’t come by learning the skill of dotnet and Java, this people are expert in operating weapons.

And after 4 years when these people will sit in the interview, so the first question will be the same typical corporate one:

  • why did you get rejected there?
  • Why didn’t you make it to 25%?

Many people are saying 30000 to 40000 Agniveers who are trend in weapons, will do a wrong activities, so it’s not like that at all.

If any man goes to army training for a single day or even if they think of going to Army, they can never do such a things. It’s all rubbish.

Lastly, I would like to save one more thing. Those who are rioting and burning the trains and damaging public property, these are this people who were never selected for the army, because they doesn’t prepared, Just heard the name of the scheme and started to riot.

Dheeraj Patidar

The people who have patient for the country and who have worked hard for the exam, they can never damaged property of the country.

Still they will go for the Agneepath exam. Will give exam and get selected. even if you do 2 years instead of 4 years they will still give the exam. And think logically about burning the train and causing damage to the public property. Low leader will feel the damage from his pocket, this is our loss.

Any authority is afraid of peaceful protest. When you do violence or damage public property. This gives the authority a chance to beat everyone by waiting them on a scale. Wherever the crowd gathers, beat them up, and drive them away.

You keep your point in a peaceful way, then opposition is waiting for you. Complaint to them they will help you. They get one to two chances in the year, use their power and speak in a peaceful manner.

People Also Ask Some Questions about Agneepath Scheme

Who can apply for Agneepath scheme?

Agneepath Scheme Eligibility

The minimum age in order to apply for agneepath scheme is 17.5 years & maximum age is 21 years.

8th, 10th, & 12th class pass person can apply for the agneepath scheme, and should also be a Resident of India/Nepal.

Is Agneepath Army Scheme for Girl?

Yes, both male and female candidates can apply for the Agneepath scheme in order to join Indian Air Force, Army, and Navy. 

The Agneepath scheme eligibilities for females are the same as male candidates.

How do I apply for Agneepath job?

Agneepath Registration Form 2022

For IAF, Online Registration has been started from 24th June 2022 at https://indianairforce.nic.in/

The candidates who are interested to join Indian Air Force as an Agniveer can submit their application form for Indian Air Force Recruitment 2022.

Is Agneepath only way to join army?

The Agnipath Scheme is only the only one of all routes to serve in the military. 

The recruits named Agniveers serve for a tenure of four years that include training for six months followed by 3.5 years deployment. 

After retirement from the service, they will have the opportunity to apply to continue in the armed forces.

Is there physical test for Agneepath?

In order to apply for Indian Army under Agneepath Scheme, the candidates must fill the application forms on the official website once they are available. 

They will be required to appear for Physical and Medical tests following which they will be called for the written exam.

What is the application fee of Agneepath?

The angeepath scheme application fee is Rs. 250/-.

How many posts are there in Agneepath scheme?

There will be 83 recruitment rallies to be carried out all across the country.

Can we join Indian Army without Agneepath?

Apart from Agneepath Scheme, there will be no separate process for the recruitment, will all be under Agneepath scheme. But through other examinations can be recruited in the army.

Is joining Agneepath scheme compulsory?

Joining the Army is voluntary and not a compulsion.You can choose any other way to join the Indian army.

What are the documents needed for Agneepath?

In order to apply for Agneepath Scheme 2022, you should have following Important Documents:

  • Address details
  • ID proof: Aadhar card / Pan card / Voter id card / Driving license / Passport.
  • Scanned signature
  • Scanned photograph

When Agneepath Army registration started?

The online registration for the Indian Army Recruitment 2022 Agneepath Sceme started on 1st July 2022 as mentioned in the Indian Army Agneepath Notification 2022.

What will happen after 4 years in Agneepath scheme?

After this tenure, 25% of the Agniveers will be retained and the remaining 75% will be permitted to return to civilian life.


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