Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives: Best AdSense Alternatives 2022

Google adsense is the top most program or tool launched by Google in order to place ads in YouTube Content and Blog Content.

Most of the bloggers across the world are using Google Adsense in order to generate good income.

But still some bloggers are looking for Google Adsense Alternatives.

This is why because they have got rejection from Adsense due to their policy violation.  These rejected bloggers are new in Blogging  Field.

Comparatively other ad networks has no strict policy.

At  first time I also got ejected from adsense, but after reading some important points of google official  guidelines in got clarity about How to Get Adsense Approval Instantly.

One more reason behind the people searches about Adsense Alternatives is Instead of Adsense alternatives they wanna show ads of multiple ad programs.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new post on Top 10 Google Adsense Alternative.

So lets start exploring all 10 Best AdSense Alternatives 2022-23.

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternative

In today’s day google adsense increase a strictness of their policy that’s why people (specially new bloggers) wanna search its alternatives.

Their are lots of Adsense alternatives in the market but In this post I will share you the most reliable & profitable Google Adsense Alternatives.

1. is the most popular ad network after Google Adsense run by Yahoo and Bing, even we can say that it is the competitor of Google Adsense.

This Alternative of Google Adsense allow publishers to show Contextual ads with High CPC. is easy to use & setup just like Google Adsense. was the first to develop a server-side header bidding platform that can be fully managed, allowing you to get the most out of programmatic display with minimal effort.

2. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is the program launched by Amazon in order to regulate affiliate marketing across the world.

You can also apply for this adsense alternative in order to place ads of new launched products of Amazon.

Similar to the Google Adsense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads show contextual ads on the basis of relevant Page Content & Keywords.

If any visitor done full purchase cycle through your site ad then you will get the the small amount of commission.

Lots of blogger earn money through this adsense alternatives, with adsense approval parallelly.

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is also a better Adsense Alternatives in order monetize your site traffic.

PropellerAds was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Cyprus.

The company now has a team of over 250 professionals from around the world, with expertise in various areas including online marketing, web development and big data.

Minimum payout of $5 only for publishers.

There are 2 exceptions; Payoneer is a $20 payment and a wire transfer is $550 USD. If the amount does not meet the minimum, it is carried over to the next cycle.

You can visit the official guidelines of this ad network in order to monetize your blog.

PropellerAds offers a variety of popular ad formats like:

4. Adversal

Adversal is also a better option to monitize your blog traffic with few easy steps.

This Alternative of Adsense is a Self-served ad network which gives you approval within few minutes.

Adversal CPM ad network is the best alternative to Google Adsense, is a boon for bloggers who are get rejected every time with Google Adsense.

As we already know that Google adsense return high revenue but If you wanna get Instant approval without any rejection then this alternative is good option for you.

The Minimum payout criteria of Adversal is $20. It return Very high CPM rates, provide a great reporting system that allows you to track different ad campaigns.

Adversal have a good reputation for paying on time.

This Adsense Alternative provide several Ad formats like:

5. Skimlinks

Rather than Ad Network Skimlinks is an Affiliate program which put Relevant Affiliate links in your content.

Skimlinks is a platform that converts regular links from 20,000 online merchants into affiliate links.

Skimlinks take 20% of commission from your income which is comparatively lower then google Adsense.

To get skimlinks on your site, you can apply. Once approved, you will have to add a snippet of code to your site.

After Approval you will become online merchant, and in each purchase cycle completion you will get small amount of commission.

6. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is founded in 20007, is Counted in the top Alternative of the Google Adsense.

This Google Adsense Alternative is the third largest advertising platform which offers ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Advertisers use Infolinks ads to promote their business while publishers like Blogger place those ads in their sites to earn money.

Infolinks supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries and can be integrated into a single website in minutes.

The Adsense Alternative has a minimum payment limit of $50 for most users who are primarily using PayPal, eCheck or Payoneer as their payment method.

7. yllix

yllix is another Adsense Alternative if you got rejected from the Adsense

If you have a niche download blog, such as downloading applications or movies, and so on, ylliX can be very beneficial.

yllix offers instant approval which make it different & better to google adsense.

If you already have lots of traffic then yllix is a better option to advertise your site, because in some extent it can destroy user experience.

They also offer a generous referral program, paying up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer, plus 2% of their lifetime earnings or expenses.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra is also return a good income in blogging like Google Adsense.

Adsterra offers great advertising options for both publishers and advertisers.

The minimum payout of this Adsense Alternative is $5.

Adssterra for Advertisers is a powerful advertising platform for brands, agencies, solo marketers and media buyers. With over 20 targeting settings, you get your ads delivered to the most matched audience.

With Adsterra, you monetize any traffic, from a small blog to APK files or social traffic.

You don’t even need a website to start making profit from display ads. AI algorithms will select the most competitive CPM rates with relevant advertising content.

Adsterra CPA Network is a source of high-paying offers from reputable advertisers. We provide risk-free, super-fast payments to affiliates and provide them with a full range of money-saving tools like backlinks and postbacks.

9. PopAds

PopAds is not a better option for the bloggers who publish content on the daily basis.

This ad network is for tools websites like Insta Story Downloader, Youtube thumbnail downloader, SEO checker, and more.

The regular internet readers may get disturb with this ad network because it show popAds when user click anywhere in the page.

I just list the ad network in this post. For the legit content publishers it is not a good ad network.

Otherwise PopAds also gives you Instant approval.

I’m not saying that don’t use it. Try it first, if it return good response then continue with this adsense alternative.

10. RevContent

RevContent is also a good source of income in blogging.

RevContent is a content marketing platform that helps publishers and advertisers to engage with target audiences across multiple online channels.

This Ad network is better option for the blogs with more then 10 Thousand traffic per day, other wise it will never return revenue as you aspect.

Features of Revcontent include activity tracking, custom workflows, notifications, feedback management, access control, analytics and more.


This is all about Top 10 Best Google Adesense Alternatives.

Work with these ad programs by selecting one of them to generate revenue with your content.

I personally recommend you to use only one ad network so that you can transfer your income in your account in minimum time as possible.

Lets remember all top 10 Adsense Alternatives in short:

  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads

I hope you got useful content here. I will share my best with you. So keep reading this blog & enable push notification to get latest post notification.

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