Hello, World! Program in C


In this post, I’m gonna share Hello, World! Program in C with you, in easy to understandable way.

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Hello, World! Program in C


#include <stdio.h>

 #include <conio.h>


 int main()


    // printf() displays the string inside quotation

    printf(“Hello, World!”);


    return 0;



 Hello, World!

How “Hello, World!” program works?

  • The #include is a preprocessor directive that tells the compiler to include the contents of any header file like stdio.h (Standard Input Outout).
  • stdio.h file contains functions such as scanf() and printf() to take input and display output respectively.
  • The program will through an error, If you use the printf() function without using #include <stdio.h>
  • The execution of a C program starts with the main() function.
  • printf() is a library function to send “String” to the console. In this program, printf() displays “Hello, World!” text on the screen.
  • One more additional thing is getch() function, is basically a p redefine function of conio.h (console input output) header file, used to hold the screen until the user press any key.
  • Basically what happen?, when the program get execute, after the whole execution it will automatically get exit. In order to avoid this, we have to use getch() or getche() function.
  • The return 0; is the “Exit status” of the program. We can say that, the program ends with this statement.


In this post I have shared the Hello, World! Program in C in easy to understandable manner.

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