How to Boost Google Adsense Earnings: 8 Ways to Boost It

How to Get Adsense Approval or How to Boost Adsense Earnings is the popular query on google in these days.

It happens just because of the new launched feature of google called Google Web Stories, where people can easily share content in the form of slides, and can also place ads there in order to earn money.

Bloggers always try to progress more and more in their niche, and the ultimate goal of any blogger is earning.

Even new bloggers also think about the earning first.

Lots of blogger get adsense approval easily but they don’t get earning as they have aspected.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj patidar, presenting a new post on How to boost Adsense Earnings.

So lets start exploring Information about Boosting Adsense Earnings.

How to boost Google Adsense Earnings

If you don’t have any adsense approval or if you are rejected by Google Adsense then your can visit my previous post on How to Get Adsense Approval Instantly.

Basically there are lot’s of techniques to boost Adsense Earnings, but  today I’m sharing you top 8 legit ways to do boost Adsense Earning

1. Try to work on Multiple Niches

This technique I personally used to Boost Adsense Earnings.

Multiple niched blogging is a better option where you get low competition, and It is very easy to rank in low competition niches.

I have seen lots of blogs which are working on Multiple niches & get enough traffic as they aspect.

If you see my website, you will get multiple type of content, where I get lots of benefit.

One point you should remember that work on multiple niches but of same categories.

For example, I’m working on all technical niches like Blogging, programming, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and more.

In this approach I get the audience which are interested in only technical knowledge.

2. Publish Catchy Content

In blogging field The Content is King.

A quality content can boost your website traffic & trust, simultaneously your earning will also be Increase.

The content should be catchy and easy to understand so your bounce rate  will get low & Google recommend your web pages in top SERP’s.

The Bloggers whose maximum posts ranked in top SERP’s are generally get more then $5000 per day.

Creating a Catchy content is a backbone of your site. Because the final goal of creating post is delivering content on search engines.

And Search Engine always try to serve better content to its users.

You can visit my post about Creating Quality Content as well to get Ideas of creating a better post.

3. Make Your Site SEO freindly

Now the site structure is also a big factor of boosting your Adsense Earnings.

SEO friendly site means the site which is reliable for mobile devices so that Google Adsense can easily place ads in suitable place.

If your site is easy & simple then their is high chances of ads clicks.

To make your site SEO friendly you should try following points:

  • Optimize your site by removing unused code
  • Use minimum plug-ins & extensions as possible
  • If you are on WordPress then try Ezoic ad network
  • If you don’t have Code optimization knowledge then take help of any web developer.

4. Publish Content Consistently

This is another approach of boosting adsense earnings.

Consistency is very important in order to get overall good performance.

If you publishing content by skipping random days then your site will not get attention of search engine.

I’m not telling you about publishing content daily.

Publishing Content consistently and daily both the things are different.

Consistently is all about publishing content with fix time or day.

For example, I publish content by skipping two day, and the time of publishing content is 10:00 AM.

So you should fix some days or a fix time of publishing content.

The benefit of this is Search Engine crawler will come to your website at fix time you have decided, so that the crawling request at that time will not get wasted.

5. Don’t do any spam thing

I you follow this instruction then your adsense earning will keep boost.

This Instruction is actually not helping to boost adsense earnings.

It is all about preventing your website from adsense suspension.

Lots of bloggers publish copyright content after getting adsense approval but they don’t know in future they might get suspend due to high CTR rate.

CTR refers to the Click Through Rate which means the average click with respect of Impressions.

If your clicks compare to impressions are more then you may get suspend, and this thing happen with each new blogger.

After suspension your blog will be reviewed by Adsense Team, and If everything ok then they will monetize your content again.

6. Get organic Traffic as much possible

Organic Traffic can boost your adsense earnings as you aspect.

So keep try to get maximum number of organic traffic.

Now organic traffic refers to the traffic comes from the search engines.

If you get your maximum audience from social media then that traffic will be counted as referral traffic.

Google adsense always show High CPC (Cost per Click) ads in organic traffic, and It’s my personal experience.

The best way to increase Organic Traffic is doing Search Engine Optimization.

It is all about making your site structure & content more and more reliable.

7. Write Content related to money

Google Adsense is always show ads in behavioural manner, that means It shows the Ads related to your content.

So try to make content on money related topics like Stock Marketing, Online Jobs, Earn Money Online, and more.

I’ve personally use this approach and I got double adsense earnings.

Just think about the topic which are directly or indirectly connected to any profit.

Searches of profitable topics are also high in Search Engines.

8. Target USA like Countries

This is the time consuming technique for boosting adsense earnings.

You have to do lots of keyword researching to find out the keywords which are ranked in USA like countries.

Because in these countries advertisers pay high amount for per click, and you will get good amount of commission in your account.

I’m also have been working on Keyword researching for 2 months to get traffic from Developed countries, and my website is now gradually getting result.

People Also Ask

Why are my AdSense earnings so low?

If your site doesn’t have ads.txt then please try to fix it first. And If you already done so, then try to work on High CPC keywords.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

The ratio of 1000 views earning is not fix. Adsense Earning is totally depend on the type of content, & traffic.

How do I stop low CPC ads?

You can block low CPC ads in “Blocking Controls” section of the Adsense Account.

Which country CPC is highest?

The Developed countries like United State has High CPC rate.


At last I wanna recommend you to work on Quality Content & Site Structure in order to Increase Adsense Earnings.

In this post we have discussed about 8 best ways to boost adsense earning. Lets revise all tips:

  • Try to work on Multiple Niches
  • Make Your Site SEO friendly
  • Publish content consistently
  • Get organic traffic as much possible
  • Write Content related to money
  • Target USA like Countries

I hope you have got useful content here. I always try to share my best with you. So keep reading this blog.

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