How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money: Top 10 Free Ways to Get Backlinks

Are you looking for backlinks? Do you want to know how to get quality backlinks? then this post is for you, because in this post I’m gonna share you some tips & tricks that I’ve personally used in order to generate quality backlinks.

Keep reading this article till the end.

Top 10 ways to Get Backlinks

  1. Google sites
  2. Guest posting
  3. QnA websites
  4. Quora space
  5. Bookmark & link submission sites
  6. Article submission sites (like medium, dev community, hash node, bloglovin, etc.)
  8. Social media platforms
  9. YouTube
  10. Commenting Sites

Learning how to get backlink, is help you a lot to get your site rank on search engines like google.

We should have a proper strategy for creating quality backlinks without getting any spam score.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links from one website to another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlink as a vote. 

Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

Today every blogger wants his/her blog on top rank, because organic traffic is much more effective than the referral traffic.

In order to get search engine rank, we have to increase our Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA).

DA & PA are basically score of your website’s domain & pages respectively, through which you can measure the progress of your website.

Creating backlinks is an effective way to increase the domain authority & page authority of your website.

The quality content is also a matter.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Get Backlinks?

In order to increase the domain rating on search engines we have to know “How to  get backlinks”.

Your website & its  pages should have huge number of quality backlinks to get rank on the first SERP.

Even the ninth and tenth positions of web pages have an average of over 30,000 backlinks. 

That’s why you should get start creating backlinks now.

How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money

Let’s start top 10 ways to get quality backlinks. 

It’s time to get quality backlinks as soon as possible.

Here are 10 effective ways for getting more backlinks for your website:

1. Google Sites (Dofollow Backlinks)

Do you know about google site?

The platform launched by google in 2008, using JotSpot technology.

Most of the blogger uses in order to get quality backlinks.

Google site, the service was free, but users needed a domain name, which Google offered for $10.

After May 21, 2008, Google Sites became available for free, separately from Google Apps, and without the need for a domain.

You can customise your google site fully on some click. so it’s fantastic opportunity for you to grow up.

You can take help of to search queries about google sites like How to create a google site, How to customise it, and many more.

In order to get quality backlinks, following are the activities you can do with google sites:

  • Mention your website link on the top menu bar of google site.
  • Create new unique post or you may paste your original post here.
  • Don’t describe your whole post here. By providing some paragraphs you can redirect visitor to your site with read more link or button.
  • You can also embed your website pages here.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about sending proposal to high domain authority websites’ owner for writing the quality content over their.

You must try this technique to get quality backlinks. Some of the popular online content writers provide an option of writing guest post.

so you have to find all those websites related to your niche and writing quality content over their.

Guest posting sites list:

Following are the some guest posting websites which I’ve personally used to get quality backlinks:

3. QnA Websites (Dofollow Backlinks / Nofollow Backlinks)

QnA websites are also a legit & effective way to get backlinks across the internet.

There are variety of qna websites where you can generate lots of backlinks.

Some of the qna sites provide nofollow backlinks like But in other hand, these qna websites have huge potential to lead much traffic on your site.

So keep answering the questions on QnA sites and generate quality traffic on your site with the huge number of backlinks.

In order to generate quality backlinks with QnA sites, you have to follow some steps:

  1. Create an account & mention your website in profile.
  2. Turn on the push notification to get latest questions
  3. Answer the questions & mention your posts links.
  4. Copy the URL of all the answers that you have made and make a list -> index them with online free Indexing tools
  5. Wait for 6 to 7 days, you will get the increment in the number of backlinks.

Top 10 QnA Websites:

4. Quora Space (Nofollow Backlinks)

I have mentioned in above top 10 QnA Websites already, but Quota Space is an another Approch of Backlinks Building.

Quora Space is basically a new feature of the where we can create a subdomain of domain & use it to create our own community.

You can visit my Quora Space where I have answered lots of questions.

Quora space is just like Facebook Page, only the difference is that, here we generate the new subdomain.

One more interesting thing about Quora Space is that, we can monetise it to generate the revenue. 

5. Bookmark & Link submission sites

Bookmark and link submission sites are also a better option to generate quality backlinks in bulk.

Read Carefully, I have written “Backlinks in bulk” means there is no need of writing articles here.

You just have to copy past the links and submit them.

Boolmark or Link Submission websites are specially designed to achieve the collection of Pages across the world.

So keep submitting your posts links on bookmark sites for getting backlinks.

Bookmarking Sites List:

In order to generate backlinks quickly, you can visit following bookmarking websites which I have used to generate quality backlinks:

6. Article Submission sites

Article publishing sites are the new effective & trending approach of Bulding Backlinks.

There are lots of websites which allows any of the user to publish content on the daily basis.

Although, some of the website also provide content monetization by which you can generate capital.

So keep publishing content on article publishing sites in order to generate lots of quality backlinks.

One more interesting thing about these websites is that you will get huge number of traffic for free.

List of Article Submission Sites:

In order to get backlinks, you can use following Article Submission Sites which I have used:

7. is one of my favourite digital platform to generate backlinks, where I have upload 20 pdfs of my posts with lots of inner backlinks.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that allows anyone to upload their publications and share them online.

You can also share your post PDF on

Backlink Indexing speed is also high of this platform, means your backlinks  ake 24 to 48 hours.

So keep uploading PDF formate of your post on, for generating n number of backlinks.

Following are the easy steps of creating backlinks from

  1. Create an account
  2. Copy the URL of your blog post & using online web to pdf converter tools, convert it into the PDF.
  3. Publish the downloaded pdf on account.
  4. Choose the title & short description of post & publish it.

8. Social media platforms

Social media platforms are oldest & best ever mediums of creating backlinks.

But you have to take care of sharing links on social media, because some of the social site like facebook can suspend your account, if you are doing spamming by sharing lots of links.

Once your site get suspended from any of the social account it may affect badly on your site search ranking.

Only share most important notices & links to the social media sites.

Facebook page is the best way to grow you website quickly. You can also boost your audience here by paying some amount.

  • Some of the points you have to remember while you are using social media for creating backlinks:
  • Create the social media marketing strategies and work according to the plan you have decided.
  • Don’t share links randomly.
  • Copy the URLs of your all social posts and note down them in any file, because in future if you get any warning about any social post then you can easy delete that post.
  • Create accounts on maximum possible number of social sites, and mention your site domain in them.

9. YouTube

As we all know that YouTube is the largest video sharing platform across the world.

In order to generate backlinks, you can create your YouTube channel & with the posting videos you can mention your post link their description.

Following are the benefits of using YouTube channel with your website:

  • You can explain your post in more better way by providing YouTube videos.
  • Provide any of the content related to your video in your web post, and tell your audience to access it by opening link mentioned in the description.
  • You can generate lots of traffic to your website by using watermark on video, & links in its description.
  • The new feature which is “YouTube short” can help you to grow your audience.
  • One of the most beneficial thing of YouTube is monetization. You can monetize your video content with the same adsense account in which you have monetized your website.

10. Commenting Sites

It’s not an effective idea to generate the backlinks, but you can lead lots of traffic to your site.

Initially when people used to create blogs, they always used to comment in maximum number of possible sites.

As google progressed, it kept on discount comments backlinks, but don’t worry high DA PA sites comments are still indexed at google.

List of Blog Commenting Sites:

In order to generate quality backlinks, I’ve used some High DA PA site for commenting, are as follows:

List of Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing Blogs

List of Technology Blogs

List of Travel Blogs

List of Health & Fitness Blogs

List of Finance Blogs

Note: Please do check the backlink you are creating is dofollow or nofollow. I have mentioned all dofollow backlinks sites in this post accept Quora. But using quora you can get lots of traffics on your site.

Conclusion on How to Get Backlinks

In order to learn how to get backlinks, You don’t need to invest lot of money, even it’s free to get backlinks.

Only you need to spend time on creating backlinks.

So keep generating backlinks, by doing some efforts, and by providing quality content to the audience.

I hope you have got useful content here.

Thanks for Visit!

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