How to get Google Adsense Approval Instantly: Secret Tips to Get Adsense Approval

As we all know that Google adsense is the popular ad network used by more than 80% of content publishers. We can generate lots of money through google adsense approval if we know How to use it in better way.

For the new bloggers it is very difficult to get adsense approval instantly and I know you are here to get the Tips & tricks about getting adsense approval.

Hey there this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a popular query “How to get Adesense Approval for a Website”. So lets start tips of getting Adsense approval.

Before discussing Google Adsense account approval process, you should have an idea about How Adsesne work, because it helps you to understands Adsense in more better way.

What is Google Adsense & how it work?

Google AdSense is an advertising network that provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content.

Google places advertisers ads to your content and you get revenue in your Adsense account when visitors click on the ads.

You can work with the adsense by following easy three steps:

1. Make your ad space available

You should have any digital space like Blog, website, or any YouTube channel where ads can be placed. after approval you can place adsense ads manually as well.

After having any digital space, you have to publish quality content on the daily basis which don’t violate the Google Guidelines.

2. Apply for Google adsense

If you get enough organic traffic from the Search Engines then you can apply for the adsense approval. If you don’t have any idea to apply for adsense then, you can visit Google Documentation.

After getting approval google will automatically place ads on the suitable place.

3. Withdraw the money to your bank account

The final step of google adsense is transfer money to your account. $100 is the minimum threshold of withdrawing money from adsense account.

Recommendation: If your site doesn’t get enough organic traffic then you shouldn’t apply for google adsense.

How to get Google Adsense Approval Instantly

Most of the bloggers wanna get adsense approval Instantly but they don’t get it. Be with this article you will get to know each & everything about google adsense Instant approval.

Why Google AdSense isn’t approving your site?

There are lots of reasons behind the Adsense Disapprovement. Most of the bloggers do some mistakes frequently just because of lack of knowledge & experience.

You have to follow some important steps mentioned below in order to get Adsense approval:

1. Create Quality Content:

The first & most recommended adsense approval tip is creating quality unique content because google always wanna serve best service to its users and low quality content can disappoint its users.

Now the Quality content doesn’t mean too much long post, rather it refers to the meaningful & solution oriented articles. The Google user should be satisfied with your content.

I’ve published a fully explained post about Creating Quality Content. You can visit that for getting amazing Quality Content Creating tips.

2. Do SEO of your Content

Now the next Instant Adsense approval tip is SEO, is the best practice to get organic traffic. 

If you do proper SEO of your content then you will get more then enough traffic in future, because SEO take time to work better.

You can visit my Official post on Search Engine Optimization.

3. Wait atleast 1 month for proper site indexing

This is also a better step to get Adsense Approval as soon as possible.

If your domain is new in Search Engine then you have to wait for atleast 1 month. Any of the new website take 1 to 2 months for Indexing properly.

Some blogger suggest people to post 25 to 30 articles to get adsense approval but it is an incomplete statement. Don’t publish all 30 articles instantly, rather you should publish 1 article in a day.

Some of the new bloggers publish all there articles in 2 to 3 days & live the blog for some days, but It is not a good practice.

4. Create Important Pages of your site

As per the google recommendation for Adsense approval, It is very Importaint to create essential pages like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc.

If you don’t have an idea about Writing Content in these pages & you can search on google about there tools, where you just have to fill some information & you will get content.

5. Take care about Copyright Content

If your any of the post have Copyright content then google adsense may reject your site. You have to use non-copyright images & videos. 

There are lots of websites who provide you free images & videos like

If in case you use Copyright content then mention the respective author website there.

6. Have Clear Website Navigation & structure

Google always give preference to the website which have proper website structure like site navigation, light weight theme, footer, header, and more.

Ultimately the website should be easy to use, & understand for Google visitors.

7. Do blogging for delivering quality content

Most of the new blogger have an intention of earning money behind the blog all the time.

If you think about getting money all time then you will not able to publish legit quality content as your aspects.

I’m also here to earn money but my primary goal of doing blogging is to deliver useful content to visitors. If visitors get interest in your content then earning is not big deal.

One common mistake most of the new bloggers do is they don’t put adsense verification code to there site. If google have also rejected your site then do check this mistake as well.

People Also Ask about Adsence

How do I get my site approved by AdSense?

In order to get adsense approval your content must be high-quality, original, and should attract audience.

How many post do I need to get AdSense approval?

There is no fix ratio of publishing number of post before adsense apply, but publishing 15 to 20 posts is better practice to get Instant Adsense approval.

Is it hard to get AdSense approval?

No, Getting approved for an adsense is not difficult provided you meet all the google content creation guidelines.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

There is no fix ratio of Adsense earning in 1000 views. It’s totaly depend on the type of content, because adsense always places relevant ads.

Can I get AdSense approval with free domain?

Yes, even I also start my journey of blogging through blogspot free domain, where I’d gotten adsense approval in 2 month approx.

How much days take for AdSense approval?

Around 2-4 week of max time adsense take to review website & approve for adsense. However some of the blogger get adsense approval within 48 hours as well.

How many pageviews do I need for AdSense?

There is no page view criteria for adsense approval but If you get adsense approval in less traffic, then you will not get ad clicks.


At last I wanna say that In blogging you have to take patience. The success doesn’t come overnight in blogging like stock market.

In this post we have discuss “How to get Google Adsense Approval Instantly” with some frequently asked questions.

In short lets revise all points about adsense approval:

  • Create Quality Content
  • Do SEO of your Content
  • Wait for atleast 1 month for proper site indexing
  • Create Important Pages of your site
  • Take care about Copyright Content
  • Have Clear Website Navigation & structure
  • Do blogging for delivering quality content

I hope you got useful content here. I have shared you my best with you.

Thanks for Visit!

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