How to get Google Web Stories in Discover Feature: 7 Proven Methods

Google Web Stories in a new brand & amazing feature of the Google where Information is shared in the form of visual representation.

Currently almost all bloggers are wanted to shift there all content over here because Google web Stories has currently low competition.

We all know that It is very difficult to get any new blog in Discovery feature of the google & Currently Google Web stories are only & only way to get enable the discovery feature.

Hey there this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new article on How to get Google Web Stories in Discover Feature.

So let’s start exploring more Information about Google Web Stories.

What are Google Web Stories?

before Going to discuss about How to get Google Web Stories in Discover Feature, you should have basic understanding of Google Web Stories.

Google Web Stories is Google’s new digital feature where it recommends certain stories on the search page to be viewed on a daily basis.

People always like to see information in the form of short stories. That’s why trappable text stories are trending in today’s date.

There are already many platforms on the internet and now Google has its own version of digital stories called Google Web Stories.

Google Web Stories has various features like adding multiple slides, meta data, favicons, text animation, web links, and more.

How to get Google Web Stories in Discover?

Getting Web Stories in Discovery page is now the dream of most of the bloggers.

Some of the blogger publish more than 100 Web Stories but they don’t get any response.

And I know you are also here to get quick Ideas & information about How to Enable Discover Feature.

So keep reading this article to become Google Discovery Export.

There are total 7 points you have to keep in your mind to Get Discovery option within 1 week:

1. Quality & Unique Content

Google Always Deliver the quality content to its users, and it never promote the type of content which disappoint anyone.

So keep delivering Quality Visual Stories of your blog posts.

Don’t worry Google will not suspend your account in any way. Just keep providing at least good content such as use quality images and videos, and explain your side in easy words.

Ultimately the Content is king, no matter who are you and How much SEO you have learned.

Well, if you want to learn content SEO then you can explore my posts on SEO, where you will get fully strategic SEO to get Success on the internet.

2. Work with Trending topics

I’ve observe all the scenario and finally get the result that Trending topics always get position in Discover Page.

Discovery feature is not a new feature. Actually Web Story is a new feature, and you can personally observe that Most google web stories in Discover Page consist of trending news 7 technologies.

So Whatever the niche you have selected for your blog, search trending topics in that Niche.

For searching trending topics you can use Google Trends, Microsoft Bing Browser, Crome Discovery Page, etc.

3. Work Consistently

If you are working with any Internet feature in order to make money online then  you have to work on consistently.

Here I’m not telling you about working on the daily basis. Consistency is the different term.

Consistency means fix interval of time between each post publishment.

For example I publish post on mu blog with skipping 2 days, and the time of publishment is 10:00 AM.

You also have to fix this so that Google Bots can easily understand the scheduling of your blog.

It is an effective way to work with Google bots, so that Google can quickly Index your post.

4. Purchase Good Hosting Services

In the perspective of Google Web Stories you have to purchase a good hosting plan because here the Quality images & Videos are delivered.

Ultimately do focus on the site speed in order to deliver content quickly.

The fast & easy to load sites are always get high preference in Google so take care of the type of hosting & hosting provider.

I personally recommend you to use Godaddy, Hostinger, AWS, and Google Cloud in order to purchase Hosting.

5. Use AMP Plug-in

As I have already told you that Google web Stories deliver high quality content so that the speed of the site may down with bad quality hosting.

Specially Google Web Stories required good hosting plan.

with the hosting plan you also have to install AMP plug-in in the server so that your content will be served easily & in fast manner.

For more Information about AMP like benefits, installation and more, you can visit my previous post on AMP.

6. Publish corresponding post

In order to get Google Web Stories in Discovery Feature, it is a fundamental tip that publish web stories for your blog posts and mention links in that respective story.

The feature of the Story is for delivering quality & fully explained content so that  the Web Story should have written content.

if you have news website then It is very easy to post 5 blog posts on the daily basis.

But Don’t worry you can also find trending topics of your website niche with various free techniques & tools.

7. Mention Images & Videos Credit

Google always promote unique content. so that you have to deliver copyright free media files with web stories.

If in case you use any Copyright Image or video then  mention the credit as well. it is the best way to avoid the copyright stick.

I’ve personal remove some copyright strike from my website content through third technique.

You can also contact with the person or organisation whose images or videos you have used in your content.

People Also Ask

When did Google launch web stories?

Web Stories was launched in 2015 by Google, then known as AMP Stories. It did not gain traction and was soon discontinued. In October 2020, Google relaunched AMP Stories as Google Web Stories

Is Google web stories free?

Yes, google web stories is free feature. If you wanna create visual stories then only you have to purchase domain & hosting.

How do web stories rank?

You can rank your google web stories by creating stories on Trending topic. You should care about keyword, and some more meta data.

How do I view analytics web stories?

You can use Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to views Analytics report of your web stories for free.

How do I monetize my Google web stories?

Currently only one option for you to monitize your content which is Google Adsense. you can also try affiliate marketing.


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