How to Make Money On Pinterest: 6 ways to do so

In today’s generation everyone want to make money online. The Internet & the social media world provide us excellent ways to earn money in various ways.

Millions of people across the world are making lots of money through social media networks.

One of the social media media platform is Pinterest, which is currently provide your lots of making money online opportunities.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new amazing post on How to Make Money on Pinterest with 5 exclusive ways.

Why Pinterest?

The biggest question arises in everyone mind here is, why should we select Pinterest to make money rather we have other social media networks available?

The Reasons behind this question are very simple.

Firstly, Pinterest social media network has more than 434 Million users across the world in 2022, which is comparatively lower than other social networks. And Due to the less number, Pinterest users are more focused on the type of content they publish or see.

Secondly, Pinterest is easy to use and simple to maintain. It provide lots of options and customisation over other social media as well. So for the beginners it might be a best social media network in order to make money online.

How to Make Money Online on Pinterest?

If you want to make money online through Pinterest then keep reading this article.

There are lots of ways to make money on Pinterest. If you work hard on any social network it will return you lots of benefits, provided you should have proper guidance.

So lets start exploring each of the way to make money online on Pinterest.

1. Promote Your Blog

In general bloggers promote their blog site through various social media networks, and Pinterest is one of them.

Through Pinterest your can attract lots of Pinterest users towards your blog.

You can also promote your blog on Pinterest by publishing small video clips. 

By Driving lots of traffic from Pinterest you can earn lots of money through blog monitization.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another approach of using Pinterest very cleverly.

Just Prepare unique Images & Inforgraphics to promote your affiliate products on Pinterest.

By Signup for Affiliate Marketing programs you can Share links of Affiliate Products.

On Pinterest, you can upload photos with excellent description and make affiliate links on your page or profile.

When any visitor click on your Pinterest Image, he/she willl be redirected to affiliate product page. if user complete whole  purchase cycle then you will get small amount of commission.

It is a best ways to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

3.Create graphics for Pinterest

Pinterest is very beneficial for you if you are good enough in Graphics Designing.

Earn Money on pinterest by providing Unique & quality graphics to the Pinterest users.

The Images of Pinterest also rank on Google Search Engine so you can rank you graphics by doing proper SEO.

4. Become Pinterest Influencer

Influencer refers to the person who make people aware about any brand or service.

Do partnership with some new startups to become their influencer or even micro-influencer on Pinterest.

Influencers make lot of money by promoting services & products of various companies to their followers.

You can also do this task on Pinterest, even if you are in Collage or in school as well.

Currently this field has low competition so this is the time to do brand promotion on Pinterest.

5. Sell Other’s Stuff

Stuff selling is also a good approach of Earn Money on Pinterest.

For this you have to work hard because here you won’t get the type of people easily who want to sell their products.

By doing some deep research you will get lots of sellers list.

Even you can also target shopkeepers in order to sell their stuff onPpinterest.

This approach of Working on Piterest can also boost your fan followers.

Pinterest is a new growing platform so that you will not get too much competition here. This is the right time to make money online quickly on Pinterest.

6. Socical Media Management

Becoming a Social Media Manager is the best approach of working on any social network.

On Pinterest you can also do this thing.

Lots of people or organisations required Social Media manager, so find the people who want Pinterest Account Social Media Manager.

Currently lots of people are not aware about the potential of Pinterest so you can offers them the service of Pinterest account management.

The Social Media management is the best Digital Marketing approach where you have to handle the Social Media Activities of Your Client.

You can deliver this service on Pinterest for one or more clients at the same time by Freelancing.


Make Money on Pinterest is easy if you work hard. You can go through the guidelines of the Pinterest on making money.

In this post I’ve shared you 6 best ways to make money on Pinterest.

I hope you have got useful & Interesting Content here.

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