How to make money selling wood pallets in 2022-23?

Nowadays, everyone speaks about protecting the environment and the importance of recycling. Yet very few people do this. In fact, there are many things we could recycle if we only had the time and were willing to put in a little extra effort.

Plus, you can even make some money from your recycling projects.

These days, wood pallets are one of the few things that can be recycled and sold for cash. You’ve surely seen some of these simple crate-like structures lying behind supermarkets, junkyards, shipping companies’ premises, and other such places.

Basically, wood pallets are very useful for shipping things as they keep your cargo in place. So, if you know where to get lots of wooden pallets, it might be possible to launch your own side gig and help the environment while making some money.

The first question that comes to your mind would be where to find pallets, how much do wooden pallets cost and where to sell pallets. In this article, I will explain everything. So keep reading.

However, I will warn you before you try to make money selling wooden pallets, this business is not easy or simple. So, I’ll start with the essentials for making money selling wood pallets.

Basic Requirements for Making Money on Wood Pallets

To make money selling wood pallets in 2022-23, here are some of the things you will need.

  • large storage area or warehouse or your garage
  • a heavy vehicle such as a truck
  • A list of places to get wood pallets
  • list of places to sell wood pallets
  • Few workers to lift and manage the wooden pallet.

These are essential as wood pellets are very large in size. To really make some money, you’ll need dozens of these wooden pallets.

They should be stored in a safe and dry place to ensure that there is no damage due to moisture or weather, rodents and termites. This means that your storage area should be great.

Getting wooden pallet

There are many places to get wood pallets. Usually, a store or transport company can give you a wooden pallet free of charge if they know you or don’t need it. Others usually collect these wood pallets and sell them in bulk to scrap dealers and recyclers.

Here are some of the places you can find wood pallets.

  • Stores and Supermarkets
  • freight forwarding companies
  • trucking companies
  • car dealership
  • United States Postal Service
  • corporate warehouse

These are the best places to look for wood pallets. Since no one will give them away for free, the best thing to do is to offer to buy them at a reduced price. The handling and storage of wood pallets is equally important as it determines the price.

Best Places To Sell Wood Pellets

If you want to know who buys wooden pallets near me or where to sell pallets near me? Here is my list of the best places to sell wood pellets. The best way to sell to them is to write to these places or contact them personally over the phone.

Tell them that you supply wood pallets.

1. National Wood Pallet and Container Association

The NWPCA is an organization that has members across the United States. They buy and sell wood pallets. Typically, they buy pallets, refurbish them, and sell them to companies that need them.

Visit website

2. Gruber Palette

Gruber Pallet is a wood pallet manufacturer as well as a buyer. They also buy, repair and sell wooden pallets. However, they only require wooden pallets of a specific size. Contact them through their website. Gruber buys pallets in bulk only.

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3. RecycleNet

As the name suggests, RecycleNet is a company that buys and recycles wood pellets. They also buy in bulk. They buy, repair, and sell your wood pallets, or they simply ship the wood for recycling.

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4. Kamps Palette

Kamps Pallets operates in the Midwest USA, and they have brokers in these states. You will need to contact Camps Pallets through their website. In turn, they will ask you to contact a pallet broker in your area to sell your wood pallets.

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5. Pallet One

Pallet One is a manufacturer, buyer, seller and recycler of wood pallets. They only buy wooden pallets in good condition. However, they require you to sell in large quantities, either one time or regularly. Contact them on their website for more information.

These are some of the well-known places to sell your wood pallets in the United States. However, as I mentioned, they will only buy if you can offer them a large quantity of pallets.

Other places to sell wood pallets include eBay and Craigslist. However, it’s rare to find customers from eBay and Craigslist, and you’ll have to keep looking for a long time.

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Wooden Pallet Price

So, how much money can actually be made using wood pallets? Not much, really. It depends on how many wooden pallets you can supply. The prices of each wooden pallet are also determined by their size and overall condition.

According to the various websites I mentioned above, a wooden pallet in great and reusable condition can sell for anything between $2 and $5. Lumber quality, pallet size and weight are three major factors that affect the money you earn.

This means that if you sell 100 large pallets in good condition, you can earn $500. However, if you count the cost of transportation and manpower, you will have less money. Now deduct the cost of these pallets which you have to pay to the stores and supermarkets.

If you get damaged or worn ones, your earnings may be reduced as they fetch very low prices in the recycling market.

Whether the money and business are worth it depends on your choice. This can prove to be a good business depending on how many pallets you can collect and sell.


In my opinion, unless you have the necessary things, such as manpower, transportation, a warehouse, sufficient supply of wooden pallets and other related items, it is not easy to make money by selling wooden pallets.

Also, wood pallet prices go up and down regularly due to demand and supply throughout the logistics chain.

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