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How to write an effective website project report: Web Development

Dheeraj Patidar

Do you search for writing an effective report writing?, Do you wanna create a web project report? If yes then you are at the right page.

In this post I’m gonna share you How to write an effective web project report. There are lot of techniques to write an effective & attractive project report but today I’m gonna share you something different which make your web project report more attractive.

Before going to understand How to write an effective web project report, It is very important to understand What project report is actually.

What project report ?

Project report or web project is refers to the final documentation of you web project where you have to mention various point like Introduction, Problem Statement, Solution, Technologies, and many more.

Following are the characteristics of the project report:

  • Easy to understand the final goal of the web project
  • Includes all technologies that development team have used.
  • Highlight the functionalities & features of website
  • Easy to Introduce all team members

How to write an effective website project report ?

I’ve create a project report that I will share you with my upcoming post. So let’s start Writing effective website project report.

Following are the points you should use to create a final project report:

  • Create Amazing Report Cover Page Design
  • Introduction to the team
  • Introduction to the Website Project 
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Overview of  The Project
  • Implementation
  • Future Enhancement
  • Conclusion of the report
  • References

Create Amazing Report Cover Page Design

This is the First and most important part of creating project report file, that you should have an attractive & simple cover page of the report.

This thing make your report more approachable. You  have to create front page of the project report in such a way that client can easily understand what project is about.

You can search for this Online that How to Create Amazing Report Cover Page Design, so you will get hundreds of Ideas.

Introduction to the team

After creating an attractive cover Page of the project report, now the next step is The Introduction page of all team members of website project.

The Introduction of each of the team member should not be greater than 5 to 6 lines. You can use Quotes for the Introduction to make it more effective & attractive.

Following are the points you can use for writing short introduction of each of the website project team member:

  1. Write a short & effective description
  2. Use small Image of the member
  3. Mention official email
  4. Mention additional Qualifications

Introduction to the Website Project 

After the brief introduction of Web Project team , the next step is The Introduction of The Project. The Introduction should be to the point and easy to understand. 

This thing effect the overall presentation of your report so take care of this point.

Don’t mention everything about your project in the introduction, because we will use separate pages for another perspective of the Web Application as well.

Write the Introduction to the Project with the following point:

  • Short Intro of the Project
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution Your Project Promising
  • Features of the Web project in points
  • Mention the name of Software & IDE you have used to develop the website.

Don’t use too much stuff & material in the introduction, save the content for other pages as well, otherwise you will  not get content for all upcoming pages.

Software Requirements Specifications

After writing the web project introduction, the next topic is The Software Requirements Specifications (SRS).

A software requirements specification (SRS) is a document that describes what the software will do and how it will be expected to perform. It also describes the functionality the product needs to fulfil all stakeholders (business, users) needs.

SRS is the very important point so we discuss this in detail, because here you metion everything about your project.

How to Write SRS Document?

Writing SRS Document is very important, and not an easy process.

Following are the points you have to mention in your SRS of the porject report:

  • Define the Probelem statement: This point of SRS should include What are problem faced by people in society which you can solve by developing your web application.
  • Define the Purpose: This Point of SRS contains the ultimate purpose of your project, which defines the need of users, How your web project fulfil the need.
  • Describe what you build: This Point of the SRS Document contains Detailed description of each of the feature of your Web Project.
  • Describe how your project works: In this point you have to explain the flow of your project by providing the ER diagrams, and Data Flow Diagrams as well.
  • Detail Your Specific Requirements: In this point of your SRS you have to mention all  the technologies like (HTML, CSS, bootstrap, Python, JS, etc) and software on which you have developed you web application (like IDE, Operating System, Online Tools, Browser etc).

Overview of The Project

In Overview of The Project, you have to explain all the functionalities of the Website project with the explanation of all important pages.

You have to mention following points in the overview of the project:

  • Problem statements
  • Functionality of your website
  • Explain Important pages of your website project with Screenshots like Home Page, Transaction Page, Dasdhboard, etc.


This Part of Project report includes the coding part of web application. You have to mention important codes of your project.

Don’t mention all codes of your project. only mention following pages code:

  • Home Page front-end Code
  • User Signup & Login page back-end code
  • Code of the Database of your Website

You can mention more code, but I think these above mentioned pages are enough.

Future Enhancement

In future enhancement page of your project you have to mention all the additional feature which haven’t implement in your project, but you wanna implement them in future.

You can explain How your web application provide more features to end users, like m most of the project developers don’t implement payment gateway and they mention it in the future enhancement.

Conclusion of the Report

After presenting all the perspective of the Website Project, it is very important to conclude all the points in short, so that at end the report reader can easily understand whole report quickly.

Conclusion is not only applicable for project report, even it is also for all the the type of creative writing like essay writing, article writing, and more.

You should cover all the points that I have mentioned above in short, so the reader can easily recall all the highlights of your Website Project Report.


This is all about How to write an effective website project report. You can use more additional information for your web project report, but these all above mentioned points should be mentioned compulsorily.

I hope you have got useful information from this article. I will share you more technical posts for you. You can comment me What should I post on my blog?

Subscribe, Comment, & share my blog to other so that they also get valuable information.

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