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The 5 Best Apps for YouTube Creators

YouTube is the largest content sharing platform after Google and even YouTube has been bought by Google.

Actually YouTube is most popular video sharing platform where lots of people try to rank with their quality video content.

In order to succeed on YouTube, you need to produce high-quality and engaging content. And Some good apps can help you to grow YouTube channel.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new amazing post on The 5 Best Apps for YouTube Creators .

Lets start exploring detailed information about all Amazing 5 Best mobile apps for YouTubers.

The 5 Best Apps for YouTubers

1. YT Studio App

YT Studio App is the best mobile application for YouTube creators, which help you to explore each video analytics like watch time, views, subscribers, Audience retention and more.

Actually YouTube studio was only available in web version for Desktop users, but now it is also available for mobile users.

YouTube Studio provides you a lot of tools that are well-organized and can be extremely useful.

There are lots of features of YT studio like Overview, Content, Audience, etc.

Following are the Advantages of using  YT Studio App:

  • You can get analytics report of Individual Video
  • You can set the thumbnail to any of your video using mobile.
  • You can compare performance of your videos.
  • YT Studio App show you the report of Highest Ranked Videos.
  • This application also show your the report of How Viewers find your YouTube videos.

2. PixelLab

PixelLab mobile app is the best free to use tool to create YouTube thumbnails, launched in 2015.

I’ve personally use PixelLab in order to create Videos Thumbnails.

If you don’t have any laptop in order to create thumbnails then this is the best application for mobile users.

Now why PixelLab?

There are lots of Amazing features which make PixelLab very popular among youtubers:

  • This application is easy to understand & use.
  • Here you can save your own template for future uses.
  • PixelLab provide more functionalities like Custom Image Resolution, 3D Effect, No background feature, etc.
  • This app provide you various themes like Thin dark, Vivid, Old, Shiny, Inner, 3D, and Default.

3. Kinemaster

Kinemater is free video editing application for YouTube creator who wanna edit videos with their mobile.

The application really help lots of youtubers who don’t afford expensive video editing software.

I personally use this app for video editing with lots of amazing features.

This app provide various features like:

  • Croma Key for Green Background removal.

4. TubeBuddy

This Application really help lots of YouTube Creators, and is the best YouTube SEO tool.

TubeBuddy is also available for mobile users, is very useful for growing YouTube channels by generating tags, desc, & title. 

It is really helpful for new YouTube creators.

TubeBuddy allows you to test the performance of your content.

You can use it to test titles, descriptions, thumbnails and tags and find out which one works best for your channel.

TubeBuddy provide you more amazing features you to do best SEO of your video Title, Desc, Tags, and more.

The features of TubeBuddy are:

  • It has features of Exploring Volume, Average, and Overall performance of any specific keyword.
  • Track the live subscribers of any YouTube Channel.
  • Video Description planning.
  • Tracking any Video performance like Views per hour, Total Views, Engagement Ratio, Like Ratio, Impressions, and more.

5. Az Screen Recorder

This application is popular Among YouTube creators.

It is an stable screen recorder for mobile users with amazing features like drawing, marker, etc.

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the most popular screen recorders for Android.

This screen recorder allows you to change settings such as video recording resolution, bit rate and frame rate, and add time-lapse effects.

It supports microphone recording as well!

You can also use the app to take screenshots and edit images.

There is an option to pause and resume recording, which is especially useful for making tutorial videos.

Recorder comes with a video editor that lets you trim and merge videos as well as add subtitles.

It also has a live-stream function that lets you stream your screen to YouTube.


YouTube Channel Optimization is not easy because of lots of competition.

In other hand, there are lots of tools or applications help you to grow fast.

In this article we have discussed about top 5 applications for YouTube creators.

Just try these applications, and grow your YouTube channel.

Best of Luck!

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