Top 10 Business Ideas with no or low investment 2022-23

Who doesn’t want to own a business? No matter whether it is started as small scale or done through large capital investment, still it is considered as a business. 

You can run a profitable small business even if you do not want to invest any amount in a business.

In today’s date everyone want to start earning money without doing any complicated Job and it can only be possible by stating any business.

We have lots of examples in Social Media that people establish their online business without any headache.

I understand that It can be hard for a beginners to open a new business.

The India is counted in largest populated country where unemployment is increasing day by day. It can be reduced by Teaching people new ideas of Online Business.

There are 2 factors on the basis of which any  business can be opened:

Business Funds: This is the most fundamental factor where we should have required amount of capital to invest. If you have a broad business idea then you will have to take loan, otherwise some people also started there business without any investment.

Actually there are different types of businesses. some required investment, and some of them aren’t.

Planning: Planning is all about Strategies of Executing a business in order to get more and more success. It is very crucial to plan the entire business before starting it.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new post on Top 10 New Business Ideas with no or low investment 2022-23.

So lets start exploring all Top 10 Business Ideas 2022-23.

Top 10 Business Ideas with no or low investment 2022-23

1) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trending business idea where you can tie-up with lots of companies and earn directed capital.

Digital Marketing is all about promoting any Service, product, and brand in order to increase the overall benefit.

There are various mediums of digital marking like video marketing, content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Info-graphics, and more.

You can setup your brand and take projects of products & services promotion. Initially take small projects, and after having enough experience promote large MNC’s products & get commission.

I have seen lots of people which takes number of marketing projects & by hiring staff they serve digital marketing services.

There are lots of Popular Digital Marketers like Neil patel, Prateek Shah, Deepak Kanakaraju,  Pradeep Chopra, Ryan Deiss, and, Kim Garst.

2) Blogging

Blogging is also one of the popular Business Idea to generate lots of capital. It can be done by Individual.

Some of professional blogging websites like Greeks For Greeks, JavaTpoint, Tutorial points, BlogginQNA, Cheggindia, w3school etc. are some popular blogging organisations which publish useful content on the daily basis & earn lots of capital.

I you are good enough in content wring then you can try blogging. Once you will get success, you can hire staff for wring content on the daily basis.

3) Online Consultant

It is also a better approach of starting online business. This is all about sharing your experiences & knowledge with others, and they pay you an amount for the advice.

Any one with skills & experience can become a consultant.

A lot of peoples take advice of Consultant online and pay them.

Even YouTuber, Blogger, Content writer can earn money by giving guidance to the people. Here people will not pay money, however they get money through ads.

If you want to start consulting but not sure what steps to take. You can set up a free account on  After registering you can complete your profile. After profile completion, people will book a session with you.

You can always make more money by using your experience and skills. like sharing experiences with people by youtube videos, personal blog, social media, and more.

4) Cyber Security

Cyber Security businesses are also growing fast in today’s date.

As we get hacking related news on the daily basis, so that security is very crucial from individual device to large network or database.

Almost all companies hire people who have lot of experience & knowledge about cyber security in order to get rid from hackers.

You can also provide your cyber security service to various client in order to generate a good income

5) Photography

Photography is also a new good business idea to earn lots of capital. Sandeep Maheshwari is the best example of photography, who is the founder of

Saneep Maheshwari had turn his photography passion into new business idea and we have today the best enovation of sandeep maheshwari.

If you are interested in doing photography then explore yourself with all images website & sell them your unique images their.

6) Web Designer

Web development is also a great business idea through which you can make lots of capital.

If you wanna get web development project then your should complete any technical degree or any certified course.

There are lots of business websites from where you can get web development project like Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr, etc., provided you should have technical degree like BE, BTech, BCOM, etc.

Lots of people take web development projects on the basis of their degree.

One more idea I can suggest that you can launch your self developed website in order to take web development projects. Fist of all you will have to reach your website to people who want web developer.

In order to get max number of traffic on your website you have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

7) Online Tutoring

Every parent wants to give good education to their children while going to school. So you can take advantage of this thing by opening online or offline tutoring business.

The best example of online tutoring Business is ByJuice where millions of students take quality education.

You can open coaching centre as well for competitive exams.

Education is a big business idea for the people who has quality of teaching someone.

8) Share Market

Share Market is the business of buying shares of companies in order to multiple the invested money.

In this business you should have experience of Enquiring companies & you should have enough extra money for livelihood.

It is also a modern Business idea if you have dare of investing money.

Most of the people do Share marketing & earn Millions & Trillions.

9) Graphic Designing

It is also a better option to open a new business that you can take projects of graphic designing form large MNC’s.

Actually these large MNC’s like Online Shopping , Social media platforms, Electronic accessories companies, etc. hire graphic designers in order to create there Info-graphics, Advertisement banners, and more.

You can take multiple projects from these websites and open your brand for completing graphic related tasks.

10) Freelancing

It is also a better option to do private business.

Freelancing is all about completing various tasks of clients for money.

As I have mention Online Freelancing websites in Web development section like Fiverr, Truelancer, Freelancer, etc., you can take various types of tasks as well from these business sites like Online Blog Writing, Logo Designing, Video editing, Data Entry Tasks, etc.


At last I wanna recommend you that in business success will never come overnight, you have to take patience & have to work on the daily basis.

In any type of business consistency is matter. Don’t demotivate your self by listening peoples talks and do hard work.

In this post we have discussed top 10 business ideas 2022-23.

let us revise all business Ideas in short:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Cyber Security
  • Photography
  • Web Designer
  • Online Tutoring
  • Share Market
  • Graphic Designing
  • Freelancing

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