Types of Applications

Different Types of Applications

In this article, I’m gonna give a brief introduction to the types of applications, mainly how many types of applications we can develop using different programming languages.

Types of Applications

There are 2 types of applications:


we can develop 2 types of application using programming languages:

Standalone Applications

The applications which must be installed in computer. This type of applications only compatible for single operating system. 

The application which are compatible for one operating system is not compatible for another operating system. These applications are always dependent to operating system.

For Example: windows operating system having there own MS word,  MS office, video player, audio player, etc.

In another hand MAC operating system having their on MS word, MS office, video player, audio player, etc. 

We cannot use applications of one operating system into another operating system. That’s why this type of application is called standalone application.

Web Applications

The applications which can be used without installing in computer is called web applications. 

It is not mandatory to download this type of applications in the computer. These applications are independent (Not depend) to  any operating system.

We can use these type of Applications in Any browser. There is no need to install them.

Standalone version of these web applications are also available but it is our choice to download them and to use them by browser.

For Example: WhatsApp, Facebook,YouTube, Gmail, and all other social applications can be used in computer without installing and these applications are comes under web applications. 

In this type of application some payment transactions web applications are also include like icici bank.

Why we are not using Standalone Applications in Another Operating System?

Because different different operating system having there own Extensions just like files. It is not possible to open .txt extension file in any mp3 player.because mp3 player can only understand .mp3 extension. The file having .txt  extension can only be open in any notepad.

Just in same way we cannot use windows operating system applications in another operating system like MAC OS. Because windows application having .exe extension. 

Windows OS: .exe,

MAC OS: .dmg,

Linux OS: .rpm, .tar, etc.

Note: C and C++ is used to Develop only Standalone Applications thats why major parts of different different OS is Developed through C and C++. In other hand through all other Programming Languages we can develop either web application or Standalone Applications.

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