What are Google Web Stories: Guidelines, Benifits


Google Web story is an amazing feature of the google which was officially launched in September 2020.

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer then google web stories beneficial for you.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, presenting a new blog post about What are Google Web Stories?

I know you are already aware about google stories but in this post you’ll get some amazing uses and tips of Google Stories in order to generate or boost your online income.

So lets start understanding Google Stories.

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is the new digital feature of the google where It recommend some stories on discovery page to watch on the daily basis.

People always love watching information in the form of short stories. That’s why tappable text stories are trending in today’s date.

There are many platform already exist across the internet and now google has its own version of Digital Stories called Google Web Stories.

Google web stories has various features like adding multiple slides, meta data, favicon, text animation, web link, and more.

People can also publish the google stories in their website or blog by using google story plugin. If you are using blogger platform then it can be done using embed code.

In addition google also recommend peoples’ stories in google search or in google stories section.

Owning your Google Web Stories content gives you the full advantage to lead lots of traffic to your website or affiliate site.

How to Create a Google Web Story?

Google Story is an amazing feature and as well a better way of brand promotion.That’s why everyone want to know How to create better google web stories to reach more and more traffic.

Before creating the google story you have to plane everything, like number of stories you have to publish in a day, Platform where you need to share your stories, apply for the adsense approval, and many more.

If you already have a domain then you can also use subdomain of that.

In order to create web stories you can use various tools available in the market like Web Stories by Google Plug-In, Newsroom AI, Newsroom AI, and many more.

The most popular Google web story creator that google recommend is MakeStories.io. I personally use this tool just because of It’s easy to use & partner of google.

In order to create web stories with MakeStories.io you can visit their guide.

here the features of MakeStories:

  • Create Story with simple drag & drop feature
  • Access the library of more than 1 million free images
  • Make stories with WordPress plugin
  • Pay Stories on your website with your own story player.

Benefits of using google web stories

Following are the benefits of using google web stories:

It’s new way to boost website traffic

As well all know that people loves watching stories by swapping left & right. That’s why all social platforms gradually shift their formal content to stories & short video formats. and google have also done so.

We all know that google has cover entire internet, and if you make stories with google then obviously your site will get lots of traffic.

Generate Revenue by monetizing google web stories

This is also an amazing opportunity to generate revenue, even you don’t have any website.

You can redirect your domain to google stories profile so you will get more traffic.

I recommend you to use custom domain in google web stories in order to get more traffic.

Best way to entertain your viewers

As I have told you, people are getting used to watch short stories & videos, and It’s time to facilitate google web stories to the users.

Google Web stories is the latest way of sharing information across the internet so you must use this feature.

It’s a new way for users to find your site.

in today’s date rather then reading long content, people like watching stories. so you also have to change the way of delivering content.

Google itself promote your website

Before google stories the people have to promote their content themselves. But now their is no headache of promoting content too much.

Google story feature recommend your story to millions of people across the world, so that even new blogger also get 50,000 to  1 lakh visitors per day, and earn more than $100 in a day.

Supports Google Analytics for Tracking

One more benefit of google web stories is that you can also track your visitors with Google Analytics.

This is an amazing feature to get each and every information of your site traffic.

Easily Indexed

As the google web stories is a new feature of google so that I also index the content fast as compare to traditional content.

So you can take advantage of this time. You can track your all performance of indexed web stories in google search console as well.

Best practices for creating Web Stories

Following are the best practices for creating Web Stories:

Reduce your character count

Avoid using multiple slides with huge number of words. The maximum word limit of each slide should be 280 words.

Keep text within boundary

A web story has a limited boundary to show content. So you should write or drag element within that boundary.

Keep the title short

The title should be less then 90 characters and try to compress it to 70 charters. The description of the story should also be small as possible.

Make sure Google Search can find your story

You have to submit your story to google search console so that Google can find your stories as soon as possible.

Video first

Tell me what type of content do you like video or text. Most of the people like video because it is easy to understandable. Video is more engaging than text or images. Use as much video as possible.

Provide high-quality content

The content should be high quality. I means unique and keyword reached. keep your readers engaged with interesting content.

Attach metadata

Make sure that your web story has meta data. It helps search engine to find your story quicker.

don’t use violence content

Google always against the violence content so take care about each of the word you use in stories.

Guidelines of Google Web Stories

Don’t use Copyright content

The first point of the google web stories guideline is copyright content, which is the first point of every digital platform.

Don’t use any copyright content in the google web stories. Even they are images, videos, graphics, or any small content, they should be unique.

Don’t use any heavy text

If you use heavy text in your web story it will affect the interface of the story. Google do not promote poor interface stories.

Low quality assets

Don’t use the low quality images or video because they also may badly affect the stories interface.

Google don’t wanna show such type of content due to which its user shift from its platform to another. so take care of this as well.

Lack of narrative

The google web story should be in sequence like step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4…and so on. 

If you show incomplete information their then google will not show your story to discovery page.

Overly commercial

Your web story should have a proper meaning. Don’t upload stories for only earning purpose, the user should take any knowledge from their.

You can only mention on link  in your web story.

People Also Ask about Google Web Stories

Is Google web stories free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything for publishing google web stories. Only if you wanna use custom domain then you have to purchase that from domain provides.

How do Web stories make money?

You can make money with google web stories in several ways like:

  • Web Stories Monetization with adsense
  • Redirect visitors to Official site
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Selling Online Courses

How to increase organic traffic with Google Web Stories?

Following points can be used to increase traffic with Google Web Stories:

  • Focus on high-quality content
  • Merge SEO Strategy 
  • Concise content is key
  • Mobile optimised visuals
  • Focus on backlinking
  • Submit XML Sitemap of your web stories to Google

How to Create Web Stories?

Following are the five steps for creating web stories:

  • Choose a visual editor
  • Draft the story
  • Find the visual assets
  • Create the Web Story
  • Publish the Web Story

What is the size of Google stories?

The Size of the google web stories is 720 x 1280px.

How do I advertise on Google stories?

You can use google adsense in order to monetize the Google Web Stories. In addition you can also redirect your user to your site where you can again show ads in order to generate double income.

How to view analytics of web stories?

You can use google analytics to get view analytics of web stories.


In this post we have discussed about Google Web Stories, like:

  • What are Google Web Stories?
  • How to Create a Google Web Story?
  • Benefits of using google web stories
  • Guidelines of Google Web Stories
  • People Also Ask about Google Web Stories

Keep one thing in your mind that google will allow you to publish web stories until you follow guidelines.

I hope you have got useful information here. I will keep sharing my best with you.

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