What is bounce rate: 6 proven ways to reduce it


It is a common conclusion that a high bounce rate is bad, and a low rate is good.

Every blogger wanna improve website ranking in search engine and in order to achieve ranking they do various things and bounce rate is one of the approach in website ranking.

Most of the new blogger even don’t know about the bounce rate due to which even they do quality SEO they don’t get result.

A pro blogger always take care of the bounce of the website which help a lot to get ranking in search engine.

Hey there, this is Dheeraj Patidar, Presenting a new post on What is bounce rate & 10 proven Ways to Reduce it.

What is a Bounce Rate and Why Does it Matter?

Bounce rate is a overall calculation of How much time users spend on your web-pages.

Bounce rate is basically occurs when any user enter in the web-page & leave without any interaction. 

You can also track bounce rate of each of the individual post of your site through various tools.

The most common & free tool to track the bounce rate is Google Analytics.

Some sites may find a bounce rate of 80% to be terrifying, while other sites may consider it nothing short of disastrous. It is actually depend on the type of business goal your site have.

Bounce rate is obtained by dividing the average number of bounces on all your pages by the total number of visits to all those pages within the same period.

The bounce rate of a single page is exactly what it looks like. It is obtained by dividing the total number of bounces by the total number of visits to the page.

The info-graphic below answers the most frequently asked questions about bounce rates and helps you improve your bounce rate performance.


The above Image is taken from KISSmetrics.

If you go  through your individual web pages then The average bounce rate of your blog posts can be very different from that of your product pages, demo pages or even your about page.

A Brief Note About the Problems with Bounce Rate

All new bloggers have a great problem of bounce rate that’s why they are not able to grow ranking in the Search Engine.

Even some of bloggers don’t know about What is Bounce Rate & How to maintain it.

Actually bounce rate has a great impact on the overall ranking of your domain.

Google or any other search engine determine the trust of your website through bounce rate.

In order to reduce the bounce rate of your web domain your have to publish unique quality content on the daily basis.

There is no tool ever which exactly calculate the bounce rate of your site because the algorithms of the search engines changes on weekly basis.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

Many different factors determine what exactly a “good” bounce rate is.

Factors like your business type, industry, country, and the type of equipment your visitors use will all affect a good average bounce rate for your site.  

But we can consider 47 Percent as a good overall bounce rate. However the bounce rate is varies according to the devices.

If you are still confuse about bounce rate then you can connect your site to google analytics & observe the live bounce rate performance of your site.

Google Analytics provides a quick visualisation of the average bounce rate What it believes your industry is.

Based on the data collected, we can consider the following pattern:

  • 25% or lower: Something is probably broken
  • 26-40%: Excellent
  • 41-55%: Average
  • 56-70%: Higher than normal, but could make sense depending on the website
  • 70% or higher: Bad and/or something is probably broken

Do some steps in Google Analytics to get performance:

  • First, you need to set up bench-marking in Google Analytics.
  • Under the Admin section, click to view the asset for which you want to see the bounce rate. Then open the report and select Audience > Bench-marking.
  • Now you can compare the industry average.

10 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

1. Insufficient content

Insufficient content is one of the factor of high bounce rate.

You should take care about content completeness. Insufficient content may disappoint the users and they will never visit your website again even your website get ranked.

You can make your website trust able only if you deliver satisfied content.

You can also use video clips to explain your content in more easy way.

Recently most of the blogger uses Google web stories feature to deliver their content in more convenient way.

Google web story is just like slide presentation where you can add text, images, GIF, videos, designs, and more.

2. Slow load speed

Slow speed is one of the major factor of your site high speed.

Slow speed of your website may disappoint the visitor. If you would take it to you, you also want content fast as much as possible.

You can check the speed of your website through one of the free Google Search Console tool called “PageSpeed Insights” where you will be showed score of your website speed form 1 to 100.


There are various cause of Website slow speed which are:

  • Theme of your website
  • Large File
  • Huge Number of Plugins
  • Bad Hosting Plan

3. Misleading Title Tag and/or Meta Description

Mislead Post title & Meta description is also a cause of High Bounce rate.

If you will mention some title and user will go to that title from search engine then they will immediately go back because of non related content in your post.

Meta Description & title of your post are selected to show in search engine so mention the right information there.

4. Blank Page or Technical Error

Blank Page or Technical Error are also a huge part of your high bounce rate.

If you mention any link of your website anywhere to generate backlinks then user experience of your site may be reduced if you delete that post.

The good practice that you should redirect those posts to home page of your site.

5. Broken Backlinks

High number of broken links cause high bounce rate of your site.

Broken links are links of deleted post which you had mentioned in other communication medium like another website, social media, etc.

It is a good practice to redirect all deleted posts to your home page.

If you redirect deleted pages to your page will not count as broken link & your site SEO will not affect negatively.

6. Bad Links from Another Website

Bad links are also cause high bounce rate. 

Lets understand How?

Bad links refers to the links of your site to the site which is not related to your site niche.

For example if your site is related to health & care and you post backlinks in programming related websites then most probably the user there aren’t read your post. They will just click on your link & go back immediately which cause high bounce rate.

So it is good practise to create backlinks from right place where users actually need your content.

7. High Number of Ads

High Number of ads may increase your bounce rate.

Ads are basically in JavaScript & if you place ads everywhere in your site then it cause high JavaScript code which cause slow speed of your site.

That’s why it  is highly recommend to use auto ads feature of Ad network.

Manually your can use max 3-5 ads in single page.

8. The Page Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

If your website is not user friendly then it may cause high bounce rate.

Comparatively mobile user are higher then the desktop users so you should test your website by opening it in mobile phones.

In order to know that your web pages are mobile friendly or not then you can use “mobile usability” of experience tab of Google Search Console.\

You can also manually test using Mobile Friendly Test Tool of Google.


9. Post on Existing Content

It is a big mistake of new bloggers that they post content on the topic on which lakhs of post have been posted already, which cause high bounce rate.

Because in some cases your post may ranked but some of the website on which users already trust so they will not visit your website.

SPost unique content with new ideas so that users will get interest in your content.

10. Bad Text Font & Color

Bad Text color & font are also a major factor of your high bounce rate.

Use simple font in your website so that visitors can easy understand your post in one glance.

You should use only black color in your post as possible because it is easy to read & understand.

6 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

1. Make sure your content up to date

Updated & content can reduce the overall bounce rate of tour site.

The content of your site should be up to date so that your site visitors will get accurate content.

For exaple if you post any top 10, top 5 like posts then you have to update content in each year.

Like I have uploaded To 10 Youtubers in India 2022, so in 2023 I will have to update new list.

2. Use regular communication words as possible

You content should be easy to understand so that anyone can explore your content.

Deliver your content with as simple as language.

3. Post should have catchy titles

Use attractive keywords in your web page title so that user immediately click on your site & spend some time if your content is legit & useful.

4. Speed Up Your Site

If you use WordPress then There are various plugins to reduce loading speed.

The best practice google recommend to all blogger that use Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) plugin to boost website.

5. Do help people by legit content

Your site visitor should be satisfied with your content & for that you have to write quality content with deep research.

6. Use better color combination

The site color is also a matter in bounce rate reduction.

If your site has bad color combination then your will not stay in your page.

You can see my best page color where I use Oranged color as primary color and after that footer is of black color.

Conclusion about Bounce Rate

The overall conclusion of this post is you have to create quality content with catchy title in order to attract users towards your post.

And make your website as simple as possible. Just focus on the content & speed of the website.

Analyzing and improving your bounce rate can be intimidating. But improving your bounce rate means more engaged audiences and more conversions.

In this post we have learned various aspects of bounce rate which are:

  • What is a Bounce Rate and Why Does it Matter?
  • A Brief Note About the Problems with Bounce Rate
  • What is a Good Bounce Rate?
  • 10 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
  • 5 Pro Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate

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