What is SEO: How to do Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of over all improvement of blog or website in order to increase visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

SEO includes a lot of technical activities which will make your website Search Engine Friendly.

Hey there, my self Dheeraj Patidar, and In this Post I’m gonna share you all the aspects of Search Engine optimization.

Keep reading this article till the end because In this post you will get to know amazing tips to grow website search ranking.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of optimising the website in order to achieve ranking on Search Engine. It is a type of Digital Marketing.

In simple word we can say that SEO is a practice of improving the website performance for getting organic traffic from the search engine.

To understand the Search Engine optimization in detail, first of all you have to understand How Search Engine Works.

What is Search Engine and How it works?

Search Engine is a tool or interface that enables us to search our queries.

It is basically a software designed in order to deliver the answer of peoples’ queries.

Search Engine looks for the results in its own database , sorts them, and makes an ordered list of the results using unique Search Algorithm.

There are various search engines, which deliver you your queries’ results like Google, Yahoo, Bings, etc.

Google is the most popular search engine across the work, which covers 80% to 90% of Internet.

How Search Engine Works?

Search Engines can differ from one another in their way of providing the answers, but all of them are build on 3 fundamental principles:


The Actual discovery of the new web page on the internet starts with the process called Crawling.

Search Engines use small programs called Web Crawler (also called bot or spider) that follows links from already known pages to the new ones that needs to be discovered.


Once the bot crawl the data, its time for indexing.

The Process of validating and storing the content from the Web Pages in search engine’s database called “Indexing”.


The last step called Ranking includes picking the best results and creating a list of pages that will appears on the result page.

How to do Search Engine Optimization?

For search engine optimization we have to go through following points:

Website Analysis

First of all we have to analyse the website performance like page loading speed, website structure, content quality, etc.

To check speed score you can take help of Google Search Console’s Tool called Core Web Vitals.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is all about finding quality long/short tail keywords and making list of them.

Tips for Selecting the Best Keywords for free:

  • Use google suggestions: whenever we search something on google, it recommend us a drop-down list. Basically these are highly searched queries. So you can use them as long tail keywords.
  • Use People Also Ask section of Google SERPs: You can also pick headings of your post from the frequently asked questions recommend by google in People Also ask section.
  • Analyse the top ranked pages: It is a good practice if you are analysing already ranked pages of the search Engine. You have to analyse that how they use keywords, tags, and, images.
  • Use Google Trends: You can use google trends in order to get idea about trending topics & people requirements.

Content writing

After keyword research, the next step is writing quality & unique content by placing keywords where they should be.

Tips for creating Quality content:

The tips mentioned below are my best tips that google aspects from each blogger.

  • Understand user requirement: You have to research about what people actually want, you have to deliver that content.
  • Break up the content: This means you have to use small & effective paragraphs to make attention of visitors towards your content.
  • Cover up all the aspects: You have to clear all the doubts of audience so that they don’t need to go to another source.
  • Use People Also Ask Section: In this section you have to cover all the related questions of your post in short. so that user also read them and spend time as much as possible.
  • Conclude your post: In last of your post you have to develop a conclusion .where In short whole posts headings should be covered. You can see my all posts conclusion as well.

Website Optimization

To rank website on SERP’s you have to optimise your website so that It can easily load and rank on the search engine.

You have to use Light weight theme on your site to make website fast.

Tips to optimize website:

  • Easy to crawl: Your website structure should be easy to understand for Search Engine Crawler. Use Light theme as much as possible.
  • Website Architecture: Architecture of the website should be SEO friendly like Navigation bar, footer, header, sidebar, etc, should be simple.
  • HTML Tags: You should use HTML tags in perfect manner like Use H2,H3, & H4 for heading & subheadings respectively. Don’t use too much anchor tags in your content.
  • Meta Desc: Use Effective & attractive meta Description so  that People click on your site in the curiosity.

SEO submission

SEO submission is all about submitting all site pages to the Search Engine in order to index pages fast.

You have to submit your site on “google search console” for indexing.

Link Building

Link building refers to connect our web page to other pages which are already ranked on search engine.

You have to make quality do-follow backlinks in order to make healthy relationship with other sites.

I have already published post on Top 10 ways to get backlinks, so you can visit that post.

There are two types of linking:

  • Internal Linking (Linking with the same domain pages)
  • External Linking (Linking with the other domain pages)

What are Dofollow backlinks & why they are important?

Dofollow backlinks are the backlinks which allows Search Engine Crawler to read the respective web page. They allows the crawler to enter inside the link and start reading the page.

The default links are doffolow links which seems like this:

  <a href=“www.dheerajpatidar.com”>Dheeraj Patidar</a>


<a href=“www.dheerajpatidar.com” rel=“dofollow”>Dheeraj Patidar</a>

Dofollow backlinks are very important because they pass authority of a website to another website.

Apart from this there is one more type of link which is nofollow backlink. This type of link doesn’t allow crawler to enter into web page.

Nofollow links seems like this:

  <a href=“www.dheerajpatidar.com” rel=“nofollow”>Dheeraj Patidar</a>

Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about building content to improve your rankings. 

This is the practice of placing keywords into your pages and content, writing quality content on the daily basis by making sure your meta tags and titles are well keyword reached.

Off Page SEO

As a name suggest off page, means it is the optimization happening out of the your website itself, like making backlinks. 

This part of SEO involves building relationship with other Pages which are already indexed in search Engine.

People Also Ask

How long does SEO take to Work?

SEO doesn’t work tonight. It takes time to affect overall ranking of the Site on Search Engine. The approx time it will take is 6 months to 1 year.

If you have a lot of patience then you are for blogging otherwise you have to choose other source of earning.

Can I rank website without doing SEO?

Ofcourse, lot of website have got ranking without SEO, but they have taken long time. If you want to rank your site fast then you have to work on SEO.

Ultimately the quality & unique content also matter that How your website will rank fast.

Is SEO difficult to learn?

No, even SEO is very simple. Only you have to spend time as much as possible until you site get rank.

When I had started doing SEO, Initially I hadn’t got any good result, but after 5 to 6 month search engines payed attention on my website.

How much does SEO cost?

It depends. It may required no money. But if you want to hire SEO team, and purchase paid tools then it may require capital.


In this post we have discussed a lot of SEO queries, like:

  • What is SEO?
  • What is Search Engine and How it works?
  • How to do Search Engine Optimization?
  • What are Dofollow backlinks & why they are important?
  • Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Some extra frequently asked questions about SEO

Keep one thing in your mind that If you wanna do SEO of your site then keep doing SEO about 1 year atleast. and Try to share your best with the audience to make your blog trustable.

I hope you have got useful content here. Keep reading, and Keep learning.

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